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I (James Conzett) have been offering web hosting for over 15 years now. I have been a client of one of the best hosting providers in Florida since 1992 with numerous accounts. My time as a valued client there earns me a substantial discount which can save you a substantial amount of money should you utilize my offerings / services. Additionally, I will set up your account basics (email accounts, databases etc.) and install WordPress at no additional charge! On domain name and hosting services, I am in fact the “middle man” and I set your account up on an account I purchase from my provider and pass my discount on to you. You pay me, I pay my provider, you do not pay my registrar or hosting provider directly. Why do I do this when others charge up to hundreds of dollars?: Performing the basics saves both you time, me time and insures that everything is configured properly. I also set up and manage your domain which will be functioning within four hours for newly registered domains. Beat that.

I do not offer a pricing breakdown because each application dictates different configurations but, I cac get you into a very nice Private Server (VPS) for under $100 a month and a dedicated for under $200 a month. I also offer shared hosting, reseller hosting, developer hosting packages as well as consultation.

Another advantage to utilizing my hosting services:
I manage your monthly and annual fees in case you forget to pay it! Why?:
So many times I have had clients lose their sites because they are just to busy to check their emails and pay their bill. This causes their sites to become suspended or lost completely. This creates work for me, possible total loss of their site and search engine positioning. All are bad. Please read my TERMS below.

My experience in writing code, electronic circuit design and building “computers” begins in the early ’70s. Since 1991 I have been designing websites and have been offering expert S.E.O. services since 1995.
I retain an extensive list of clients past and present from Home inspection services, boat listing services, custom motorcycle builders, animal rescue, seasonal stores and many more.

So, if you need reliable hosting, I can provide it for much less cost than most you will find but, with the added services I provide at no extra cost, you can’t find a better offer anywhere!

I, my = James Conzett
you, your = my client or recipient of my services.
When you begin web services with me of any kind you agree to these terms:
I will make sure your hosting account and any domains registered with me are paid for and remain active as long as you pay the invoice I send you on time.
Once I invoice you, you have 5 days to pay the invoice I send you before account suspension. The monthly invoice for hosting will remain under $100 barring any additional fees.
Should the account go delinquent beyond the 15th of the month, or 15 days after the invoice, the account will be permanently deleted from the server and you will still owe the amount of the invoice I sent you.
Pay your bill on time, receive my services. Don’t pay on time, no services and possible complete data loss, content loss, graphics loss as well as domain name loss.
After your initial set up and configuration, my SEO, web design, web site repair and other services will be provided to you at a minimum of $10 an hour.
I accept no responsibility for the content or claims made on your website and no responsibility for any legal fees or anything at all related to our provider – client relationship.
You accept any legal fees including mine for any reason what so ever related to my services whether free or paid.
Any email correspondence to me that goes unanswered is moot. You hereby promise to pay the invoice on time.
I require a 5 day notification prior to the end of the month (or billing / invoice) should you want to cancel or transfer your account or you are still responsible for the amount of the next months invoice.
You as a client are responsible for everything whether monetary, copyright or trademark related. I assume no responsibility for your actions and no responsibility for any data loss.
The services I provide when setting up your account are FREE just to help you out and you are paying for hosting or domain registration period.
Once you accept my services, you are legally responsible for everything that may arise. You agree not to hold me liable for anything what so ever.
I can use any of your images, contact information, text or site content in other websites or online posts, pages or whatever when I attempt to promote you, your site or your services.
Deleting this page does no remove these terms / agreement. Screenshots and backups exist as well as being clearly posted on the www.silverbyjames.com website. (http://silverbyjames.com/category/web-hosting-terms/)
Any previous revisions of this page are irrelevant. I reserve the right to change these terms at any time.

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