Some items are just inspired by a moment or for a special request.
I can make a custom item for you based on what is close to your heart.
So, just because you only see guitar picks, arrowheads, turtles, skulls and angels here, don’t think those are my only offerings.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE a challenge. I also love seeing a person receive an item I made just for them.

So, what is dear to you? What best compliments your attitude or energy?
Allow me to make a high quality personal piece for you that will shine for generations.

Custom hand cast silver jewelrySilver skull opal eye

Above notice the silver skull eye. It is crushed opal with red coral and black onyx. On top of a small pile of crushed opal, I made a ring of red coral stones and put a piece of black onyx for the pupil. This took a lot of patience and quite a long while. The angel has the same opal and is beautifully clear and shimmering.

Black heart silver liningInner Silver Guitar PickRaw TurtleWooden Hand Carved Turtle

Silver Frog

My First Frog

6.1 grams of pure 999 fine silver with gold leaf inlay and black powder coat eyes. My first frog! This one was a custom request and I was challenged as to how to design. “Can you make me a frog” is a pretty broad statement and there are so manyRead More…

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Custom hand cast silver jewelry

.999+ pure silver is just beautiful.
The deep luster and strength make it a great medium to create jewelry and art. I prefer to use ONLY .999+ fine silver when I create a new piece and I pay a premium.

When I stamp .999 on the back of my item, you can rest assured that it is the finest silver available.

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3 Commentsto Custom

  1. Jack Van Oss says:

    Hey James, it’s Jack bass player from the Dead Ichs. Finally got around to writing you. Love the site and your work. If you are at the Sunset Grille on Saturday I want to show you some of the silver items I have that maybe you can advise me on.
    Talk to you when.

    • James says:

      Hey Jack, hope you are having a great holiday time.
      We will be there Wednesday but, Friday depends on other variables.
      But, yes we tentatively plan to be at the Grille Friday..
      See you soon either way..


    • James says:

      Loved the ring it is very, very cool! Thanks for sharing it with me.
      I was thinking of a pendant a couple years ago actually, with a small glass eye enveloped in a silver setting but, I got distracted.
      I still have some ideas on that but, I need to make some more turquoise and onyx inlay turtles. Those are getting quite a lot of response and my family needs the lights on so, got to make the doughnuts.

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