Last One Standing

I arrived beneath a gray Ohio sky
embraced by bitter February arms
I was the only to pass through that door
and last to carry on the name
but I paled in her sun of expectation
and I had to create my own.

I’d shown my own sun like she taught me
away from the snow and the glowing autumn trees
into a blue wonder of sand and seas
into a tidal mass of humanity
where nothing is stone
where nowhere is home.

I became fed by a space where my place doesn’t matter
an electrical grid being the ambilical to the gathering
where I drowned in hours of diversion
where I gained monetarily from the conversions
but when I looked to show her, she was gone
under a May rain from the gray Ohio sky.

Bye Mom

James G Conzett 06/01/2011

Bye Mom

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One Commentto Last One Standing

  1. Jim says:

    Obviously, I wrote this right after my mother died. I was on my way up to see her and was only about 300 hundred miles away from being by her side on her death bed. I’ll never come to grips with this actually. My mother was an amazing, powerful and intelligent person (who still took notes in shorthand!). The world has lost a great contribution to it’s members but, her heaven has gained one.

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