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Custom designed and traditionally cast silver pieces. Completely hand made by myself, James Conzett.

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Inch to Millimeter

AWG to Inch Conversion

Convert AWG (American Wire Gauge) to Inches AWG INCHES AWG INCHES 4/0 0.46000 20 0.03200 3/0 0.40960 21 0.02850 2/0 0.36480 22 0.02530 1/0 0.32490 23 0.02260 1 0.28930 24 0.02010 2 0.25760 25 0.01790 3 0.22940 26 0.01590 4 0.20430 27 0.01420 5 0.18190 28 0.01260 6 0.16200 29Read More…

Pricing and Cost

Why does this item cost “this”? How do you determine your price? Negotiable? First, for a comparison basis, browse sterling pendants online where you can find the cheapest ones like k-mart. You will find a 1.6 gram 3/4″ diameter (supposed .925 silver) mass produced Saint Christopher pendant there for thirtyRead More…

Turtle #4

This is almost completed.

Turtle For Sale

I will be making another today 11/29/2014. You may pre-order if you want. Just use my contact form and mention the item you wish to pre-order. SOLD I just completed this today. I am offering it for sale. I will post more pictures, details. Price is $80 cheap. This isRead More…


When I was young I had a very short experience at the Dayton Art Institute. I attended for a few months in a class for “gifted” children. I was amazed at the talent of the people around me and to me their offerings dwarfed any talents I retained. I didRead More…


Silver is very difficult to photograph. Especially when flat like a guitar pick. I have a great camera that I purchased just for the best close up macro on the market. I also have two photo tents and multiple backdrops. My lighting is two daylight spiral florescent bulbs in fixturesRead More…

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