Silver Pouring Video

Silver Owl
Here is the completed piece a year later. Sorry it took so long.
The picture is pretty bad, done with a cell phone as an afterthought.
The eyes are gold leaf with black onyx pupils.
The piece ended up being about 8 grams of .9999 fine silver.
This owl became the property of my wife when she first set eyes on it.
Just contact me if you want one!
I’ll make you one for $85 which, is 1/3 the cost of a mass produced piece of the same size in a store or even ETSY.
This takes me about 11 hours to make and yours will be unique like each of my works.
Thanks for reading.

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  1. James says:

    For this video, I wore no gloves or face shield. I have however, done this many dozens of times without incident. I typically wear leather gloves and a face shield especially when trying a new design. I do strongly suggest that you ALWAYS wear gloves and a face shield for the first hundred pours or so. After that it depends mostly on your situational awareness and dexterity.

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