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I will be making another today 11/29/2014.
You may pre-order if you want. Just use my contact form and mention the item you wish to pre-order.


I just completed this today.
I am offering it for sale.
I will post more pictures, details.
Price is $80 cheap.

This is 8g of .999+ fine silver. Completely hand cast, shaped and one of a kind.
Onset is a black tiger eye which really complements the dimension and depth of the silver.
The 18″ 2mm leather cord is highest quality I can find.
The connections to the toggle clasps are hand wound by myself with waxed black cotton cord.

As soon as I bring this out in the public, it will sell quickly for $100.
Visitors to my site can see and purchase my items before anyone else!
Why? Cost. These items do sell for twice what I ask from inside a jewelry store.
It costs money to get my items out to stores or shows. There is a a lot of overhead in a jewelry store. That cost must be absorbed into the piece.
My costs are very close and already but, bypassing all the travel, storefront, postage fees and so on, allows me to MAKE MY ITEMS AFFORDABLE.
This is exactly what I want. The ability to create high quality pieces, have people flip over them, be able to afford them too so, I make enough to keep it all going.
Silver Turtle

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